Former West Side Council member Ronnie Eldridge Endorses Robert Jackson for State Senate

Former City Council Member Ronnie Eldridge, one of the most respected and loved people to ever represent the Upper West Side, today announced her support for Robert Jackson for State Senator, District 31. The District presently held by Adriano Espaillat includes Inwood, Washington Heights and Hamilton Heights, as well as parts of the Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea.

“I am supporting Robert Jackson for the State Senate because I know that legislative body truly needs his ethical standards, diligence and intellect,” said Ronnie Eldridge. “I first met Bob back in the Nineties when he was the Chair of Community School Board 6 and one of the founders of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity; the coalition of parents, communities, and educators that successfully challenged New York State’s funding formula for public education and brought billions of dollars to our City’s public schools.

“I watched him bring the same energy and passion to the City Council as the Chair of the Education Committee - guided always by his belief that education is a basic civil right. I can tell you as a former Councilmember that he was one of the members who worked tirelessly for his community’s needs as well as those in the city with his legislative efforts and inspired advocacy for tenant’s rights, more affordable housing, small businesses, services for the aging, assistance for immigrants and more jobs as he helped create a nationally recognized manpower training program.

“I know he will bring that same skill and diligence to the State Senate. Then you can be sure that the interests and needs of the community will be ably represented in Albany.”

“I thank Ronnie her support and confidence in me, and the work she has done and continues to do everyday for the people our city. She is a historic trail blazer who knows what it takes to be a good legislator and loves this city," said Robert  Jackson. “My campaign is getting a great reception every place we go.  This is another sign of the momentum we are feeling as we build a large and diverse grassroots campaign that is moving this campaign forward. I am honored to have this support and look forward to campaigning side-by-side with her to make a difference for families today, and generations to come.”

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