First challenger poised run against vulnerable member of the IDC, New York's GOP-enabling junta

By David Nir  

Jackson hasn't formally announced yet, though a consultant told the Albany Times Union, "Stay tuned." Last September, with the help of the IDC, Alcantara took 33 percent of the vote in the primary, barely edging both charter schools advocate Micah Lasher, who ended up with 32 percent, and Jackson, who got 31. This time around, Jackson and Lasher had reportedly pledged not to run against one another, so as long as no one else gets in—something Jackson might forestall with this early move—he should have a clean shot at unseating the incumbent.

Alcantara is poised to be the first renegade to earn an intra-party opponent, but she almost certainly won't be the last. Progressive activists have been channeling newfound fury over Trump into overthrowing the IDC junta, and various branches of the Democratic establishment are finally waking from their torpor to recruit and support challengers to other deserters. Plenty of other names are in circulation, and once Jackson makes the leap, others may be inspired to follow.

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