Jackson Announces for State Senate

RJ14_Headshot.jpgIn an email to supporters declaring that “Change in Albany starts here,” former City Council leader Robert Jackson officially declared his candidacy for State Senator, 31st District.  The seat is now occupied by Adriano Espaillat, who is running for Congress for the third time.  “I'm running because this District needs a fulltime State Senator who wants to be State Senator,” said Robert Jackson. “I am running to make sure our schools finally receive the money we won in court ten years ago. I am running to help change the Albany culture of corruption and fight Albany's dangerous proposed budget cuts to our city. And I'm running to promote justice, increase affordability and create opportunity for our people."

“I've worked hard for everything I've achieved.  I've stood up, fought hard and gotten results -- even walking 150 miles to Albany, because that’s what it took, to win a court judgment that committed $16 billion for NYC public school children. We’ve taken on the tough fights for our children, our seniors and hard working families across our city -- helping start a model community job training program and sponsoring the Small Business Survival Act; allocating more than $10 million for affordable housing and working to protect tenants; saving senior centers from budget cuts and increasing security; advancing basic justice and equality for all; and standing up to powerful interests on behalf of hard working New Yorkers who just want a fair share and a chance to succeed.

“Two years ago, we came very close -- in fact closer than any challenger to an incumbent Senator. But we lost because we started too late and raised too little. Now I'm starting early and working hard to win this election for the people of the 31st District.”

The incumbent State Senator Adriano Espaillat has the worst attendance record in the entire State Senate. In fact, NYPIRG reported that Espaillat missed over 60% of the votes in the 2014 session.

Robert Jackson grew up in Northern Manhattan with eight brothers and sisters on welfare. Facing adversity, he didn't give up, earned a college degree and the opportunity to succeed.  As a Community School Board President, Jackson sued the State to fix a broken school funding formula that cheated our children, walked 150 miles to Albany to build support for the cause and won a court judgment that brought home $16 billion for NYC public school children. Jackson was elected three times to the City Council where he took on the tough battles for our children, our seniors and hard working families across our city. He led the fight to provide all students a sound public school education and to create 4,000 new Pre-K openings; fought for smarter budget choices that kept our senior centers up and running and libraries and firehouses open; and championed small businesses, affordable housing and community based job training.  To find out more, please go to www.VoteRobertJackson.com.


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