More than 100 Jackson volunteers hit the street to kick-off neighbor-to-neighbor campaign

RJ_Street_17.jpgMore than 100 volunteers meeting on the Upper West Side and Upper Manhattan helped launch the Jackson's campaign neighbor-to-neighbor program. Team members were warmly received by District residents who are outraged that their State Senator turned on them and empowered the Republicans to control the State Senate. 

"The fact is that one of the most progressive districts in the state, and perhaps the country, should not be represented by a State Senator the NY Daily News called one of 'Trump's NY Dems,'" said Jackson.  "They have blocked important legislation protecting a women's reproductive rights, sided with big landlords against tenants, buried the DREAM Act and Liberty Act, ignored LGBT rights and refused to fully fund our public schools. And if the Republicans succeed in New York with this con game of controlling a state legislature by buying off a few Democrats, they will take this model around the country."  

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