“State leaders must put aside their self-serving political agendas, recognize today’s lifestyle realities and make it easier for every citizen to vote. Although many here are quick and correct to blast other states passing voter ID laws that make it more difficult for voters to cast a ballot, not enough is being said or done about New York’s laws that suppress our vote and disproportionately hurt minority voters.”

Robert's Agenda

  • Establish early voting and no-excuse absentee voting in New York State.
  • Consolidate the state and federal primary to the third week in June.
  • Allow Election Day voter registration.  
  • Establishing a public financing program modeled on the successful New York City program;
  • Setting sensible limits on contributions and closing corporate subsidiary and LLC loopholes.
  • Restricting fundraising during the legislative session and instituting fixed limits on those doing business with the government.
  • Increasing reporting, transparency and enforcement.
  • Prohibiting the use of campaign funds for personal or legal expenses.
  • Create a truly independent redistricting Commission with the goal of ending partisan gerrymandering.