20 Democratic District Leaders Endorse Robert Jackson

Proclaiming the importance of having a progressive Democratic majority in the State Senate, 20 District Leaders representing the diversity of the elongated 31st District today endorsed Robert Jackson to be the new State Senator. The seat is now held by IDC member Marisol Alcantara.

"Robert Jackson listens to us, fights for us and has the courage, passion and integrity to really make a difference as our State Senator,” said Maria Luna, District Leader 71 AD, Part A. “Robert and his family have lived in Washington Heights for 40 years. He has shared in all of the communities struggles for a better life. He’s fought hard to improve our schools, improve senior services and increase affordable housing. And with a real progressive Democratic Majority, we can finally pass the NY Dream Act, health insurance for all and fully fund our public schools.”

Bob Botfeld, District Leader, 69th AD, Part A said, “Robert Jackson is a good man we can trust. From his work to make sure all New York City children get the education they are rightfully owed, to his efforts to support tenants, Robert has fought for the progressive causes we care about.”

Corey Ortega, District Leader, 70th AD, Part D said, “"Our communities are already under attack from Trump Republicans in Washington and Albany and it's shameful that our State Senator works to keep them in power every day. Robert Jackson has the courage, passion and integrity to really make a difference in West Harlem as our State Senator. He's never stopped working to knock down barriers and create opportunity for others. He’s fought hard to improve our schools, help small businesses grow and increase affordable housing. He has integrity, the right priorities and we can count on him to be there fighting for West Harlem. That's why I'm proud to endorse Robert Jackson for State Senate." 

Joan Paylo, District Leader, 69AD, Part B said, “With an unscrupulous man in the White House, our State Senator turned her back on her constituents and aligned with Republicans for her own gain. Robert Jackson has consistently served our community with energy and integrity, tirelessly fighting for tenants, senior citizens, women, immigrants and our public school children. We can trust him to represent us in Albany.”

And Marisa Redanty, District Leader, 75 AD, Part B said, “You know what you are getting with Robert Jackson – you are getting a real Democrat. Enough is enough. Times up. Let’s elect Robert Jackson.”

Endorsing today are Georgette Gittens, 67A; Jerry Kahn, 67A; Earl Scott, 67B; Janice Oppenheimer, 67C; Keith Lilly, 68D; Bob Botfeld, 69A; Cynthia Doty, 69A; Alec Barrett, 69B; Joan Paylo, 69B; Curtis Arluck, 69C; Cordell Cleare, 70A; Assemblymember Inez Dickens, 70B; former Congressman Charlie Rangel, 70B; Wilma Brown, 70C; County Leader Keith Wright, 70C; Corey Ortega, 70D; Maria Luna, 71A; Assemblyman Al Taylor, 71B; Earnestine Bell Temple, 71B; Marisa Redanty, 75B.

“I thank these District Leaders for the important work they do to build our party, and for supporting me in this campaign,” said Robert Jackson.  “Their support shows that no Albany deal can undo the damage that’s been done by Trump Democrats like Marisol Alcantara, and no Albany deal should or will prevent a competitive, healthy primary in which the Senator’s record is considered by the voters.  And it is more evidence of the momentum we are building as people join this campaign because they need a real Democratic Senator, who they can count on to be there for them, putting the people first. This support is much more than just names, it represents real work on the ground as we grow our energized grassroots movement.”