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I'm honored to have been overwhelmingly elected by the voters of the 31st State Senate District – and thrilled to be part of the new Democratic Senate majority ready to make New York the progressive leader it should and must be.

While we celebrate this great New York victory, our grassroots campaign wasn’t just about winning an election. It is about changing the politics in this state and creating a New York that works for all of us, not just the few – to finally provide the funding our public schools need and are owed; reforming our rent laws so people can afford to live here and aren’t pushed out of their homes; passing the NY Health Act to provide quality healthcare for all; signing into law the Reproductive Health Act, the DREAM Act and Liberty Act, GENDA and real criminal justice reform, election reform and ethics reform and so much more.

Now, as we are ready to make Andrea Stewart Cousins the new Senate Majority Leader, is a time for action. I stand ready to bring people together to meet the important challenges we face in our community and our state.

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I won't back down and hope you won't either. Together, we will make a real difference!

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