“The protection of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the open space we enjoy is not an academic or feel good exercise for me or my constituents. I take it very personally and it is critical to our health, the quality of life in our area and the sustainability of our community and our city.”


Robert's Record

  • As Chair of the City Council Education Committee, fought to get PCBs out of classrooms. Through hearings, legislation and press events, fought the Bloomberg Administration 10-year timetable and pushed for faster clean-up
  • Sponsored the City Council resolution in support of state legislation to ban fracking in New York State
  • Fought to phase out dirty boilers that are polluting the air, particularly in Northern Manhattan and in our schools
  • Worked with Bill Perkins to protect children from the deadly effects of lead in their homes
  • Continued the fight against lead poisoning in the Dominican Republic where he joined with a delegation from “Friends of Lead Free Children” to advocate for the cleanup of toxic site in Haina, resulting in a full clean-up of the site
  • Been a strong advocate for open space that is so important to both our physical and mental health. This has included bringing irrigation for the first time to historic 20-acre Isham Park; working with the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance on the development of a new Eco Dock in the Dyckman Marina

Robert's Agenda

  • Expand dramatically investment in our infrastructure – roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.
  • Expand use of technology that is environmentally friendly including high speed rail, wind turbines, geo-thermal technology and solar panels
  • Pass legislation related to planning, financing, energy efficiency and preservation of open spaces and wetlands to protect our environment for ourselves and future generations
  • Be big and bold in our ambition to build a clean-energy economy that works for everybody