"Healthcare is a right not a privilege and we must make it more accessible for families no matter where they live."


Right now, 2.2 million New Yorkers do not have insurance. Senator Alcantara and the IDC-GOP coalition blocked the passage of the NY Health Act, which would create a universal, single-payer system to guarantee equal access to fairly funded care--something every New Yorker deserves.

The NY Health Act will cover all New Yorkers including preventative care, specialist and primary care; mental health; dental care; reproductive health care; medical supply costs and prescription drugs. It would also hold the line on rapidly rising costs for individuals, employers, and taxpayers.

As the original State Senate Sponsor Bill Perkins often said, "Healthcare should be about health, not profit." Under this plan, health care decisions are made in consultation with your doctors and nurses, not by insurance companies.

We need to fight back against Donald Trump and what Washington Republicans are doing to healthcare nationally and establish a healthcare system in New York that guarantees coverage for all.